My family wants to come for a visit for a week and they’d really like to bring our dog. Is it okay for our dog to stay in the suite for the week? Am I able to pay a pet fee in order to accommodate my pet?

Unfortunately, our 'No Pet' policy means no pets - no exceptions.  You will have to make alternate arrangements for your dog (or any other pet) as no pets are able to stay in the suite at all.

What is the cost to rent one of your suites?

We have a unit for every budget! Our rentals range between $750 and $2495 per month depending on the number of bedrooms, location, building amenities and a number of other variables. Contact us and we are happy to find you a home that meets your budget.

You have different rates for Month to Month, Two Months, Three Months & Six Months. Is there a better rate if we commit to a Year Lease?

The Six Month lease is our best rate. In most instances, you are welcome to sign a year-long lease but you would pay the Six Month lease rate.

I’ve just rented a suite in an 'Adult Only' building. Can my family come to visit during my stay?

Yes, your family (including children) my come to visit for short periods during your stay. However, please try to ensure your children respect other tenants by keeping noise levels down.

We see you have different rental rates depending on the length of stay. If we commit to a two month stay, what are our options at the end of the two months?

At the end of the two months, you would have three options:

  • Leave by noon on the last day as specified on the lease. We would ask you to contact us a few day prior in order to make arrangements for doing your checkout. We can also supply you with specific vacating instructions.
  • Make arrangements for an additional fixed term stay. We can forward lease extension documents to you for signature for a new lease end date.
  • Notify us that you would like to have the lease revert to a month to month lease. In this case, you would need to notify us of your intention of vacating at least one full tenancy month prior to vacating.
I signed a six month lease, but was just notified by my work that I will getting transferred after only 4 months. What happens now?

As you signed a six month lease, you are legally responsible for rent for all six months. However, if you need to leave early, please notify us as soon as possible and we can re-market your suite. If we are able to find a new tenant to rent your suite for the full length of your lease (or longer), you will be released from your lease obligations on the day the new tenant’s lease starts. You will be responsible for rent up to the day the new tenant’s lease starts. As well, there will be a $250.00 marketing fee which will be charged against your security deposit.

You have a lower rental charge for six months than for two months. If I commit to a two month lease but later decide that I want to stay for six months, can I pay the lower rental amount for all six months?

If you sign a two month lease, you would be responsible for paying the rent based on the two month rate. If you would like to sign a six month lease extension after the initial two months, a new rate may be negotiated.

Can I book a suite for less than a month?

Yes, but the rental rate is based on a daily fee and GST applies. In most cases, it is more economical to book for 30 days even if you are staying for less than 30.

What are the taxes or extra costs?

GST does not apply to rentals for 30 days or longer. Extra costs are all outlined on Schedule 'A' which accompanies the lease.

What form of payment is accepted?

There are numerous methods of payment accepted. Pre-authorized debit is the easiest, but we also accept cash, money orders, cheques and email transfers.

Can I pick the furniture for the suite?

No, all of our suites are already furnished. The only option available is to change the bed configuration (ie - change a queen bed for two twin beds). There is a nominal fee charged for this.

Can I rent the suite without being present?

Yes, arrangements for securing a rental lease can be made without the tenant being present. The normal application process is still necessary. Once approved, a lease agreement can be signed, witnessed and returned via fax or email.

What is the process for booking a rental with Sun Country Rentals?

Once it has been determined that you would like to secure a rental suite, the first step is to complete and return an Application for Rental Accommodation. After your application has been approved, the security deposit must be paid in order to hold the suite. Arrangements can then be made to sign the lease documents and accompanying Schedule 'A'. One of our representative can be contacted a couple of days prior to possession date in order to set a check-in time. A Move-In inspection is completed at the time the keys to your new home are given to you.